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A few minutes from the court

Zona More (Spongano) :  a great expanse of countryside, just outside the village, characterized by hundreds of olive groves, “dry-stone walls”, “pajare” and an ancient dolmen, all characterized by the warm light of the Salento sun and the sound of the wind among the olive trees.Great for long walks at sunset, or at sunrise of the sun, to enjoy the Salento air practicing jogging and long relaxing walks.

Castro:  tourist place that rises on the Adriatic side of the peninsula. Its coastal coastline is home to singular sea caves, created over the centuries by karstic phenomena, inside which there are still artefacts dating back to the Paleolithic period. Among the most famous caves: the Romanelli, the Abisso and the Zinzulusa. The latter can be visited by land or by boat. Castro also offers a beautiful old town characterized by the presence of a medieval castle and impressive fortresses that dominate the entire town. For years, Castro has repeatedly obtained the Blue Flag certification attesting to the water quality and sustainable management of the Italian seaside resorts.

Santa Cesarea Terme: it is located on a long stretch of coast affected by the phenomenon of thermal springs. The chlorinated, sulphurous and iodine waters of the Santa Cesarea springs allow the presence of an important thermal center and various accommodation facilities along the coast. Porto Miggiano is a very sought-after destination, a particular inlet with crystal clear water, and Porto Badisco, the picturesque stretch of coast that has inspired even distant Latin poets as in the case of Virgil, who chose it as the first landing of Aeneas, fleeing from Troy. The entire bay, which is reflected in the crystal-clear blue-green sea, is covered with brooms that sprout on the rocks.

Otranto :   the place further east of the peninsula, the first that sees the sun rise at the beginning of each new year. Its coast offers several light gray sandy stretches that correspond exactly to the hydruntine coast. Its historic center is famous for the presence of the Aragonese Castle, dating back to the fifteenth century and for the Cathedral, a beautiful example of Romanesque style. Very beautiful streets of the historic center with characteristic shops and shops of local artisans. Also in Otranto are the famous beaches of the Lakes Alimini , the nature reserve that in addition to natural paths offers the opportunity to enjoy beaches surrounded by pine forests esteto suitable for pleasant family picnics .

Marina di Andrano :  rises on the coast road to Tricase and is a place defined by many as “enchanted” and “magical”. On the coast, quite hidden, opens an inlet (which few know) that leads to a wonderful cave, the Green Cave, which can be visited only on foot and at low tide. The cave inside is characterized by the presence of stalactites and numerous rocks located at the water level, which make it possible to admire the spectacle while lying on the rock.

Insenatura Acquaviva (Marittima) : a small intimate and wonderful little beach. The cove is jealously guarded between two high slopes and overlooking the sea, backed by a dense forest that is the kingdom of the Mediterranean scrub. And it gives the tourist a truly unique and evocative show, both in the landscape and in the possibility to immerse themselves in the splendid crystalline sea surrounded by unspoiled nature, full of patches of Mediterranean scrub. A small kiosk makes it perfect for a day of relaxation.

Santa Maria di Leuca  : is the extreme head of Puglia, a cliff stretching out towards the East and sheltered in a gentle inlet, where a lighthouse rises from its circular terrace to enjoy the splendid panoramic view of the meeting of the two seas, the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian

Torre Vado :  among the many beaches that attract tourists in Salento, there is one in particular that has earned the nickname of the Maldives of Salento. It is located in Marina di Pescoluse and already from the name it is not difficult to imagine the beauty of this beach: an impalpable and candid sandy tongue that gently glides in a sea of incredibly turquoise shades, limpid and quiet on most days. The Maldives of Salento are located in an area particularly conducive to the currents and, for this reason, when the scirocco blows the sea becomes a table, or rather a palette of colors of a painter who uses only the blue and all its shades

Gallipoli : nicknamed the Pearl of the Ionian, manages to arouse in its visitors an immediate and profound emotional impact. In addition to its coastal coastline punctuated by fine and golden sandy beaches, Gallipoli is known for its baroque churches, its Renaissance palaces, its balconies decorated with friezes and decorations that can be admired among the narrow streets of the ancient city. The latter, enclosed within the towers and until the last century also by fortified walls, is connected to the new village by a wooden pier.

Porto Selvaggio it is one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in the Mediterranean. A luxuriant pine forest and Mediterranean vegetation, which has repeatedly received recognition of the 5 sails for its crystal clear waters. The park has an area of about 420 hectares, of which almost half are covered by woods. Inside the park there are several paths that lead to ancient towers and suggestive bays where you can swim. Supporting an entire day in the natural park of Porto Selvaggio, allows you to live a wonderful experience in contact with nature.

Specchia (tra i borghi più belli d’Italia) At 50 Km from the capital of Salento, but a few minutes from Spongano, the historic center of Specchia has been included among ‘The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy’. Located in a strategic position overlooking the plain below, the historic center of Specchia offers an enchanting scenery between narrow and winding streets, interrupted by flights of stairs in which different architectural styles break free.

Marine di Melendugno: five places of incredible natural beauty, five pearls of the Adriatic coast: Torre dell’Orso and San Foca that are two bays characterized by crystalline water, calm sea and always beating sun, for years, several times awarded with the Blue Flag of Europe for the transparency and cleanliness of water, Roca that represents the history, in fact the archaeological excavations and the testimonies of past civilizations are combined with the beauty of the cliff where one of the ten most beautiful natural pools in the world is located, the cave of Poetry . Finally Torre Sant’Andrea which is the most southerly town between the marinas of Melendugno eTorre Specchia, two small glimpses of Salento, with suggestive lights and always crystal clear water

Lecce Between squares and alleys, Lecce is a city of poets, architects, artists, who gave it this extraordinary baroque face. It is a city of cathedrals and churches, arches, obelisks, palaces, narrow, winding alleys that transport those who can follow them, to discover hidden and unexpected corners, but also magical night lights that enhance the beauty of architecture. Called the Florence of the South, Lecce is absolutely a city to visit and discover letting yourself be transported by the verses and words, or only by the wind, by chance, by the music of a piano, by the smell of roasted peppers.